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Video Poker: The Casino’s Secret Weapon

Video poker is easy to learn, but can be addictive and cause you to lose a lot. You must have basic knowledge about the game to win more often. You must also know how to defeat the “secret weapon” of casinos.

Casinos Secret Weapon

There is no doubt that casinos are in it to make money. Video poker is promoted by the casino’s marketing team. Your chances of winning are higher when you play poker. You can choose which cards to hold and throw away.

Many books discuss pay tables and how players can get a 2% advantage by choosing certain pay tables. This makes for an interesting conversation. But the real secret weapon of casinos is the players’ emotions.


Casinos have spent millions of dollars studying human behavior to entice players to play. Comps are what keep players coming back. Some of these comps include lights, colors, and sounds. These comps can all be calculated using the “club card”.

To track your play, you can use the casino club card when playing. You earn points based on how much you play and how long. Points can be used to buy food, cash or gifts. Casinos will boast about how many millions they give away in comps but they don’t tell you how many millions they make from losing players. It makes me wonder.

The club card is a great way to make money at the Online Casino Malaysia. It can save you thousands of dollars. Although there is nothing wrong in using a Clubcard, you need to be careful not to get too attached and think you are getting something for nothing.

They have done a great job advertising the idea that gambling is entertainment if you believe in their promotions. It’s all about winning your money. As a player, the challenge is how do you keep your money while gaining theirs.

Answering that question can be found in a phrase you’ve heard many times: “A strategy.” A good strategy will help you play well. The Real Players Video Poker Strategy is worth a look. This strategy is used by real players. It doesn’t need to be complicated. It just needs to work. It doesn’t have to be complicated. The casinos spend millions to get it, and it only takes a few dollars to teach you how to keep it.